Did Arvind Kejriwal Insulted Anna Hazare And Many Other Indians By This Tweet ?

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is fighting a fight – a fight against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

No matter what the PM does, Arvind Kejriwal always has a problem with it. He doesn’t think twice before blaming the PM for everything that goes wrong in the country. Kejriwal is opposing Modi again this time, for the decision to ban old notes of high denominations. He has also been joined by WB CM and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Bannerjee.

Kejriwal has termed the demonetization move a ‘scam’ and has said that everyone in support of this move is corrupt. Here is his tweet.



Now that you have seen Kejriwal’s stand, here’s something else you should see. Here is what Kejriwal’s former mentor and anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare has said about this move.


Anna has backed PM Modi’s decision and said that it is a game changer.

So now is Kejriwal calling his own mentor with whose help he rose to fame, corrupt? 

Doesn’t seem like a tough job for him since he has already ditched Anna and gone completely against him and his principles.

Today he said “Those who are supporting Demonetisation are corrupt people and they are supporting Modi’s 8 Lakh Crore Corruption”.


He said this on 19/11/16- Means Today. 

Now check who supports Demonetisation:



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