EPIC LOL VID: These People Wanted to Chant Modi Murdabad but Started Chanting Modi Zindabad

It is known to everyone that Narendra Modi was not given votes by the Muslims. The so called secular forces have brain washed their minds. They have been spoon fed that Modi is bad for them and their community. He massacred Muslims, and to propagate that they always talk about 2002.

Not only Indian Muslims but also the Pakistani people say so. Muslims have been voting to the party which is the closest contender of BJP. They have no one perticualr party to vote for, they just vote to make sure BJP looses.

While the scenario has changed in these 2.5 years of Modi government. A huge population of Muslims have turned their minds into Modi’s favor. Who so ever started thinking rationally has started supporting Modi.

Today, a few Muslims gathered together and started chanting Modi Murdabad but Modi is destined for Zindabad only. Though they wanted to chant Murdabad but they chanted Zindabad instead.


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