EPIC Troll To Rajdeep Sardesai, He Tried To Get Some Negative Comments But People Know Who He Is

Nothing seems to be going right for Rajdeep Sardesai and it looks like Crisis now.

Ever since the Demonetization of big currency has been implemented- Suddenly Rajdeep Sardesai has started talking about the AAM ADMI. He tweets about their misery every day on Twitter – But to save space and time- we are reproducing one such Tweet describing the plight of AAM ADMI.

He was trying to be the voice of AAM ADMI (A fake one) But the same AAM ADMI seems to be leaving Rajdeep Sardesai in oblivion and disarray.

Check how royally Rajdeep got trolled by AAM ADMI in Bank Queues when he tried to get an “Anti demonetisation” point of view from people, and bank employees- Something similar to the “Medison Square”.

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