Big Expose : This Businessman Surrendered Rs 6000 Crore Cash Money, Here is why ?

It seems that the war against black money started by Narendra Modi is giving rich fruits to the nation. If reports from the sources to be believed Lalji Bhai Patel who is a builder and diamond merchant from Surat , has surrendered cash of Rs. 6000 crore.

And now- Lalji Bhai has to pay total 5400 Crore as Tax. How?

Total Money- 6000 Crore.  Tax–> 30%–> 1800 Crore.     Penalty–> 2*Tax—> 3600 Crore.    Total–> 1800+3600= 5400 Crore.

Lal Ji Bhai is one of the richest Builders and Dimond merchants in India and last was in news when he bought the “Modi Suit” in an auction.


This year in February, he donated Rs. 200 crore for the purpose of girl child education which won him respect throughout the state. He gifts his employees cars, flats, etc on the occasion of Diwali – the news of which have found place in newspapers many times.

And this is not the only case. Many people are surrendering their money, Many are throwing in the scrap, Many are manipulating and many are getting caught in the raids.

Check these Tweets from the ANI which tells the story of how the surgical strike on Black Money has broken the backbone of such people.

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