Nostradamus predicted that World would be taken out of Chaos by these three Men

Something happened far in France about which no one had a clue or about no one wanna talk about. But I would like to thank my friend Enzo Dubois who is a french national and went himself to report this incident. ‘Enzo’ called me yesterday and his excited tone got me intrigued, he said something which was beyond my imagination. It was about a 400 year old prophecy, a prophecy by Michel de Nostredame the world’s most famous author who was born in 1503 in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence which falls in the southern part of France.

Enzo was at his home when he received a call from his Cousin, who told him that a cranky old lady who is also her landlady has a book, which her grandfather had bought for some 5 francs when he was young. This book was written by the famous ‘Nostradamus’ and in this book he has written several prophecies regarding our future.

Enzo went to meet his cousin, but the land lady of his cousin refused to show him the book. According to Enzo she is very moody. Enzo cajoled her to show him that book and she agreed but with a strict condition that, he won’t take any photograph of the book nor he will write down the content of the book. Enzo agreed and the lady brought the book which was going to change everything.

The book was written in Latin and was in pretty bad shape, Enzo who knew basic Latin was going through page after page to find out some prophecy which hasn’t been found out yet. After all the book was written by Nostradamus who predicted French Revolution, the atom bomb, the rise of Hitler and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

The eyes of Enzo were stuck when he reached the 35th page of the book, he stumbled to this prophecy which he was sure no one knows about. This Prophecy was about Global terrorism and rise of Caliphate, in this book Nostradamus talked about the Anti-Christ which is no one but ‘ISIS” and it also talks about three men who it claimed will be Ruler of three different countries who will destroy this evil and will bring normalcy and peace back to this world.

Enzo translated something which goes like this :

“In the year of great despair, from the three different places, will rise three warriors who will destroy the Anti-Christ and the sun will shine more and will sing their praises”

One thing that needs to be understand is that these three Heroes will be from three different Countries, which according to Enzo are USA, Russia and India. It also makes sense, Russian president Vladimir Putin is pounding ISIS with bombs and he has vowed to obliterate it completely. Donald Trump is no doubt the next US President and has already expressed his wish to work with Russian president to counter and destroy ISIS. He has also made it clear that Pakistan which is officially the epicenter of Global terrorism won’t be spared either. At last the Indian Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ who is also a bad-ass will help to destroy the terrorism. One thing to note is here is that, ‘India for the first time carried out a Surgical strike against Pakistan two days back and that too when the Indian leadership is in the able hands of PM Narendra Modi.

So there is no doubt that these three men will help our world to make a better place and will destroy the Radical Jihadists for once and all.

Source – theimmortalhimalayas

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