AFTER WIN : These old tweets of Donald Trump will take Pakistan to COMA

What can be called as one of the most excruciating presidential elections has finally concluded with the victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

From sweeping statements to vilification of his critics and opponents, Trump’s campaign grabbed eyeballs with every step. Trump at a recent event had admitted his love for ‘Hindu’ and how much he admired India, he never minced words to express his thoughts on the neighboring Pakistan.

Just as President-elect Republican Donald Trump reels in his new-found victory, here is a look at some of his tweets targeting Pakistan.

Trump has been critical of Pakistan ever since Osama Bin Laden was killed by United States Navy Seal in Pakistan. In a tweet from 2012, the real estate-mogul-turned-politician expressed his displeasure with Pakistan for providing a haven to terror mastermind Laden.

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