Video : The Frustrated Indian RIPS APART Ravish “Rabbish” Kumar’s lies about “NDTV Ban”

NDTV has always been a controversial Indian news channel. And at various incidents anti-national and hate spreading elements have been spread by NDTV and their journalists.

It is really important for media to raise the truth and do an unbiased journalism. NDTV, New Delhi Television Limited is an Indian commercial broadcasting television network founded in 1988. Media holds one of the biggest power in a democracy, to inform the republic about affairs and news. But news networks like NDTV are using this power to manipulate news or indirectly the thoughts of individuals. NDTVs social media handles are also responsible for preaching hatred against a religion. Whilst the government is trying to improve the image of India overseas, these type of false media agencies would crash up every effort made by the government or the people. If these type of media agencies are not stopped today, than tomorrow they may result in ignition of riots, conflicts and ‘intolerance’ in the nation, and it would be too late to stop them at that point.

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On a sight on NDTVs history, various cases and controversies against NDTV can be found.

  • A case against NDTV was filed by CBI in 1988 on the charges of corruption and criminal conspiracy.
  • NDTV was also involved in the 2G-spectrum scam, Barkha Dutt, the group editor at NDTV is still being investigated by the CBI.
  • NDTV is also alleged to have violated Indian tax and corporate laws.
  • NDTV was one of the first news channels to report the live coverage (along with live footage) of Mumbai 2008 terror attack.
  • NDTV is alleged to have reported false and biased news against the political party BJP and RSS during the 2014 elections.
  • Biased and manipulative news reporting on beef ban, Pakistani terrorist Naved’s capture,  JNU and a few other issues.
  • Several reports defaming and damaging the image of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

What do we want?

I believe after the people of a nation, media holds the biggest power in a democracy. A power which could be used for the wrong too. I don’t have any personal issues with NDTV or any of it’s subsidiaries, but if the media goes wrong way than it could lead to catastrophic disasters. NDTV has a worldwide presence and I know it is difficult (even for the government) to go against these kind of gigantic corporate and that is why I need the people, the nationalists of India to support me and put an end to these kind of hate spreading cooperatives.


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