Major Gaurav Arya Slammed Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi like anything for “Vulture Politics” on OROP issue.

A few days ago, an Ex- Serviceman who was close to Congress and was a Sarpanch in a village in Haryana committed Suicide allegedly on the issue of OROP.

And vulture politics begun.

Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal who did not visit “Hanumanthappa” who died in Delhi, Who did not visit “Dr. Narang” who was brutally murdered in Delhi, who did not gave the actual martyrs of URI Rs 1 Crore who actually died for the nation, were fighting to visit the man who committed suicide.

Committed Suicide against whom?- The government which gave OROP- Even Anna Hazare against who himself is getting OROP in his bank is showing his spineless attitude and saying he will agitate against MODI.

Now it took an ex- serviceman to come out and blast people like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi on the Vulture politics.

Check how he blasted both of them in this video.

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