EXPOSED : Here are the list of other channels which were got banned during UPA time But no one cried for them, is that not emergency ?

NDTV has got banned for a day for telecasting a news which was “Very informative for the terrorists”. A lot of hue and cry has been made by NDTV on this matter and by many other journalists.

Many politicians like Arvind Kejriwal and Congress politicians asked other channels to go off air to support NDTV:



But now we are giving you the list of channels which were got banned for telecasting something like “A certificate films” during the UPA rule.

Now you can imagine the kind of emergency UPA pushed upon throats.

2 3 4



The list consist of “Obscene content”,  “A certificate”,  etc etc.

But NDTV played with the national security by giving information to the terrorists.

In short- You can ban a channel for telecasting “A rated” content but can not ban for “National Security Matters”.

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