OROP issue : ‘Have you no shame,’ Rahul Gandhi shouts at cops on row over ex-soldier’s suicide (Video)

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Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who was detained, released and again detained on Wednesday, lashed out at police officers inside a police station over the detention of the family members of an army veteran, who allegedly committed suicide over the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue.

Rahul Gandhi, who was detained shortly after he met the family members of the army veteran, also attacked the NDA government, calling it “shameful” and symbolic of “undemocratic” mentality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In a video that was posted by news agency ANI, the Congress leader can be seen inside the police station lashing out at policemen for detaining him and the kin of the ‘martyr’.

“Do you not feel ashamed? He is a son of an army veteran, he is his father… and you are arresting them?” a livid Rahul told policemen pointing towards the deceased soldier Ram Kishan Grewal’s son and father.

“What is your name? You think the family of India’s martyr should be arrested? Do you not feel ashamed?,” Rahul asked a senior police officer at Mandir Marg police station where he was taken following his detention after he was denied entry into RML Hospital to meet Grewal’s family.

“A martyr’s family is arrested. This is Modi ji’s India,” he earlier told reporters outside RML Hospital.

“How can you arrest the son and father of martyr? And if you have not arrested them, then why are you not letting them go,” he said after his request for releasing Grewal’s family was turned down.

“If you can arrest a veteran’s family, arrest me also,” Gandhi said. “How can you arrest a veteran’s kin?”

At a later stage, Gandhi told the officer to “at least let the veteran’s family go”.

Gandhi also told the media: “It is an undemocratic mentality. A new kind of India is being created. It is Modiji’s India.”

Grewal killed himself at a park by consuming poison here on Tuesday, police said.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, his deputy Manish Sisodia and several Congress leaders were also detained by the police. The Joint Commissioner of Police, Deependra Pathak said the detentions were made to control the situation.

Watch the video here.


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