Arnab Goswami clearing air that he will open his own channel.

Arnab Goswami is one of the most cherished news reporter of our times. Times Now is enjoying number one TRP because of Arnab only. NDTV, Barkha Dutt they all were devastated by Arnab Alone.

Barkha Dutt had a serious dispute with Arnab Goswami and that showed the level of frustration Barkha had for Arnab. Barkha claimed that “Arnab only shouts without content and doesn’t allow debate to happen.”

According to Barkha and Rajdeep the kind of Journalism Arnab was doing is not even qualified for Journalism. But India had different thoughts and views. India just wanted to listen Arnab Goswami and that’s why he enjoyed all the TRP.

In the video you will find that Mr. Goswami hinted that he will open his own channel.


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