Terrorist Sleeper Cells : Presstitute Rana Ayyub defends 8 terrorists and calls them as undertrials

Rana Ayyub is one of the most favorite child of father presstitute. She is winning the race of being anti Indian from all the likes of Barkhas and Rajdeeps.

Today, 8 Simi terrorists flee from jail afterKILLING THE JAIL SECURITY GUARD and government started tracing those terrorists. With in 8 hours the police of Madhya Pradesh killed those 8 Simi Terrorists

When those 8 terrorists flee from jail Digvijay Singh commented that Right Wing BJP government is behind the flee of these terrorists. He even went on saying that RSS and Mulim extremists are behind riots, and this is one such move.

But when those terrorists were killed with in 8 hours DIgvijay Singh was stunned silent and this was the time of presstitutes like Rana Ayyub to open their mouth.

Rana Ayyub became vocal about the encounter of these terrorists. Rana Ayyub took it on facebook and Twitter and claimed why did the government killed 8 normal Muslims who were just accused of spreading terror?

In her facebook post she wrote:

Why isnt anyone raising a stink over the extra judicial murder of the eight alleged SIMI undertrials . Encounter, really ? So all eight undertrials manage to run from a high security jail & huddle together in the woods . Armed with spoons and plates you see. And to think the eight ‘undertrials’ were referred to as ‘terrorists’ by news channels who managed to run from one of the most high security jails in the country . Gujarat model of governance returns to the Vyapam tainted Madhya Pradesh.


While she has been tweeting and retweeting stuffs on twitter. She wrote the same stuff on twitter as well along with so many other re-tweets.

So according to her, 8 men who were part of SIMI -The Terrorist Organization are not terrorists because their case was on going. 8 men who just killed a Jail Security guard and flee are innocents.

If this is secularism then what is anti nationalism?



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