Shame : Pakistanis are beheading Indian Jawans but Bollywood celeb Pooja Bhatt says this in Pakistan

source satyavijayi

When we are going through such a turbulent situation at the border and when our jawans are losing their lives on a daily basis, some people in India are working for Pakistani interests. We have heard the voices of some so called fiberals!, who dont have any common sense or self respect, shouting for the Pakistani artists in the name of words like “Love, Art, peace, expression and what not!

Now, here is another bollywood person , Pooja Bhatt, she was talking exclusively to a pakistani daily! She said that Its not right to ban pakistani or Indian artists as they are only paving the way for mutual respect and love! Well we really dont know what kind of love she wants to accomplish through the blood of our soldiers!!

She further said that, she and her father always tried to protect artists and especially Pakistani artists, and according to her, its the duty of indian citizens to promote mutual respect each other! Such a national disgrace she is …

Manak gupta has given a very valuable input regarding what Pooja Bhatt just said about pakistan, Manak is the News 24 reporter

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