Hypocrisy of Muslim Personal Law Board : When it comes to women they need SHARIA LAW, Great

Triple Talaq (Oral Divorce) & Polygamy is part of Sharia. But do you know what more does Sharia say ?
For Murder – Death punishment
For Insulting God – Death Punishment
For Adultery (if married) – Death by Stoning
For Adultery (if unmarried) – 100 lashes in public
For Stealing- Cutting off hand
For Banditry – Cutting off hand & foot

Either you should follow Sharia completely, that is, be punished according to Sharia for above mentioned crimes, or you stop polygamy & divorcing your wife orally.
For India, that is called & wished as secular nation, there is no place for any personal law as it contradicts with secularism. Infact, Sharia contradicts with Liberalism too. Wonder why people who want to be called liberal are silent on Uniform Civil Code.

Uniform Civil Code means law will be same for everyone. No religion based discount. Secularism is incomplete without Uniform Civil Code.

Source –¬†Shankh Naad

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