This Policeman who went viral with his ‘Kashmir hoga, Pakistan nahi hoga’ poem gets death threat

The policeman who passionately recited a Hindi poem titled “Kashmir Toh Hoga, Pakistan Nahi Hoga” has received a death threat on Facebook.

After the Uri terror attack, a policeman’s ‘patriotic’ poem challenging Pakistan had gone viral. Now, the same policeman has received a death threat on Facebook.

Manoj Thakur, Head Constable with Himachal Pradesh police, was threatened by two men named Farman Khan and Bilal Ahmad and he posted screenshots of those messages on Facebook. While Bilal Ahmad abused Manoj and told him that India will never be able to conquer Islamabad, Farman Khan whose account was accessed from Dubai, threatened to kill him.


The policeman’s poem “Kashmir hoga, Pakistan nahi hoga” (Kashmir will remain but Pakistan will not) had gone viral and he was lauded for his patriotic poem.

“You can create atom bombs and gloat but you forget ’65, ’71 and ’99 wars. Patton tanks were captured by a single soldier Abdul Hamid and the Indians burnt down your American jets. Remember how PNS Ghazi was sunk, remember how Dhaka was conquered in a flash, remember those 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war, remember the Shimla agreement and the favours of Indira Gandhi”, Manoj passionately recited.



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